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STM® Training Technique Poster contains the entire breakdown of the progressions of the STM® Training Technique making it easer for athletes to following during practice.

STM® Training Technique Poster - Serving

  • STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training is and innovative and different training methodology created by Henry So, International Educator and Former ATP professional. The 1st edition is SOLD OUT internationally within 3 months!

    It offers a different approach to the development of tennis technique through systematic progressions of “Slow-Flow-Breathing-Visualisations”ᵀᴹ.

    STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training has received testimonials from many world renowned mentors, coaches, and players. 

    STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training welcomes everyone to try and experience! Players who are open minded and willing to invest time into developing their game will benefit greatly from this training!

    STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training:

    * Unique training system - never been written before

    * Developed from research and tested

    * Guaranteed improved performance for those who are open minded and willing to invest for the long term

    * Training system for Technique development

    * Testimonials from world renowned coaches and players

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