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Concepts STM® Shadow Tennis Movement Training System and the book 📕📖
⭐️An Innovative and Systematic Approach to Developing Technique in Tennis⭐️
* Unique training system - never been written before
* Developed from research and tested
* Guaranteed improved performance
* Training system for Technique development
* Testimonial from world renowned coaches and players

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Henry So is the author of the STM® Shadow Tennis Movement Training book. Henry invented this unique training system based on the principles of “slow - flow - breathing - visualisation” and shadow tennis movements. 

STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training 1st Edition was sold out globally and received testimonials from many world class mentors, coaches, and players. 

The STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training has now global partners internationally in USA, Australia, China, Philippines, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. 

STM® Shadow Tennis Movement training is now available in 3 text versions - English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

“STM® SMR” represents “Shadow Tennis Movement Training - Shadow Motion Racket”. It is a set of innovative designed tools aimed to be used in conjunction with the STM® Training Methodology, published in the book, STM® Shadow Tennis Movement Training. There has never been a set of products developed like this before. 

Paired with STM® training methodology (Slow, Flow, Breathing, Visualisation), the STM® SMR tools helps athletes develop many aspects of tennis, such as balance, co-ordination, rhythm, strength, swing efficiency, relaxation, and power. 

It is especially effective for developing faster racket head acceleration. STM® SMR can also be used as a warm up or cool down tool as well. 

The varying weights offered in the STM® SMR range (350g, 375g, 400g, 425g, and 450g), will help athletes train along with the prescribed STM® SMR Training Programming to achieve different specific performance goals.


As with STM® Shadow Tennis Movement Training can be practiced anywhere anytime, the STM® SMR brings a great portable solution for all to continue training especially in days of wet weather and for travelling during competition season.

Traditionally, many have invented tools to imitate the tennis racket or to simulate a feeling in hope to help the athlete transfer it into his or her natural swing to improve performance.

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